samedi 8 novembre 2008

W der Imbiss in Berlin

Imbiss means fast food, and Berlin is really big on fast food. You can probably eat very cheaply in Berlin if you like sausages and white bread. But I don't, so when I was in Berline I went to W der Imbiss to get my fast food, and dang it was excellent. This was my favourite place in Berlin. They do great fusion food, lots of indian and asian inspired food and heavy on the spices. They're famed for their naan pizza, but I went for the daal with garlic naan and a small side-salad.

Okay, I thought it was going to be a small side salad, but it wasn't small. This delicious and nutritionally outstanding meal came to about 6 euros and was one of the best I had travelling around Europe. (This is actually the first time I've seen alfalfa sprouts since I got here.) The salad had a creamy, tahini-based dressing and the naan was outstanding, better than I have had at most indian restaurants.

Come to think of it the daal was also better than I have had at most indian restaurants. I don't know how the tall, skinny german guy in the kitchen managed it. Maybe he's a wizard.

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