dimanche 26 octobre 2008

Cafe Louvre in Prague

I went to Café Louvre because I read on some dodgy online travel forum that it does the best hot chocolate in Prague.

Never let it be said that dodgy online travel forums are a waste of internets. This hot chocolate was fantastic – very thick and dark, but with a consistent and creamy texture, as opposed to a puddingy texture. It also doesn’t have a skin, which is what really sends it to the top of the list (er, the hot chocolate list. That I made. I should probably get out more.)

I ordered the Czech breakfast without the ham: orange juice, bread rolls, cheese platter, soft boiled egg, and apple cake. The Czechs clearly know how to do breakfast. This is what I would have for breakfast every day if I didn’t have to go to university and other stupid time-wasters like that. The edam cheese in particular was amazing, it was thinly sliced and had an almost smoky flavour. The apple cake had a poppy seed swirl in it, and it wasn’t too sweet – more like a thick, soft apple bread.

Apparently Einstein and Kafka came to the Café Louvre repeatedly. If that’s the case then I don’t understand why Kafka was so miserable all the time. Maybe he didn’t try the hot chocolate

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