dimanche 5 octobre 2008

Fruit probably wasn't the best choice for a first post, but it's too late now.

It's already freezing in Paris, but let's stay positive: the pears and nectarines are on special. And they are fabulous.

Pears annoy me because they look so ugly and hard sitting out in front of the shop. But you know that if you buy that stupid green lump it’s going to be a blushing yellow pear of ultimate perfection in two days. The fruiterer says this type of pear is called Le William, and that it’s eaten yellow and firm.

You can’t get this kind of produce in the supermarkets in Paris; you have to either go to markets, to Chinatown (where the fruit is always incredible) or to little fruit shops. I can only hike down to Chinatown once a week so I tend to go with the expensive little fruit shops. Really good fruit hits the pocketbook hard, especially since I live in the 16th – and I’m used to the much lower prices in Melbourne.

Even after months here, I still cover my eyes and let out a sad whining noise whenever I get close to the berry displays. I’m not paying 5 euros for a small handful of blueberries. But damn it, I’m tempted.

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